Feb 9, 2007

Putin is the New FDR?

Ern: I wonder what the motivation is for comparing Putin to FDR. Could the Russian government be preparing us for Putin's third term? From RFE/RL:


On February 8, Vladislav Surkov, who is one of several deputy heads of the Kremlin's administration and an exponent of the theory of "sovereign democracy," told a Moscow conference marking the 125th anniversary of the birth of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt that "in the 20th century, Roosevelt was our military ally, and in the 21st, he is our ideological ally," RIA Novosti reported.

President Putin's chief ideologue noted that Roosevelt understood democracy as granting power to the people and not to oligarchs or bureaucrats and added that "Russia is slowly moving in the right direction." Surkov argued that "like Roosevelt during his presidency, Putin has to consolidate administrative control and use presidential power to the maximum to overcome a crisis....

(Third term? Hell, this is our chance to swap Kevin Federline for Alexander Pushkin. And even if the reality of either comparison is little based in fact, the Russians do love their FDR. It must be all of those trucks and pairs of long underwear he shipped over during the war. Oh yeah, and the ability to look the other way Yalta...PBD)


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