Feb 12, 2007

Maybe this is an American bias...

...but can Russia even promise democracy for Russia? I mean that's sweet, democracy for all, adorable really, but come on, they don't even have freedom of speech. And they've always pursued an independent foreign policy? Really? There were no treaties or pacts or alliances in recent history? And far back, the Mongols gave them free reign? Really? (Ern)

PRESIDENT SAYS RUSSIA WILL DETERMINE ITS OWN FUTURE. President Putin said in Munich on February 10 that Russia will determine her place in the world by herself, and will strive for a well-balanced and "multipolar world," kremlin.ru and state-run television reported (see "RFE/RL Newsline," January 24, 2007). He also warned other, unnamed countries against lecturing Russia about democracy, saying that they should better learn it themselves. He stressed that "Russia is a country with an over 1,000-year-long history and has almost always been privileged to pursue an independent foreign policy. We do not intend to give up that tradition today, either.... We would also like to deal with responsible and also independent partners, with whom we could work to build a just and democratic world order, ensuring security and prosperity not only for select countries, but for all."

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