Feb 26, 2007

Why Bulgarian Dumbo Is Presumed Dead...

Seriously, how did Bulgaria get into the EU? From "The Sofia Weekly":

Bulgaria's Police in Search of 30 Tons of Missing Poisonous PeanutsA total of 30 tones of poisonous peanuts have disappeared from a warehouse in Bulgaria's seaside village Kamenar on February 12, Darik News reported. Three analyses showed the nuts are poisonous if consumed and contain alpha toxins more than 60 times than the average level. Alpha toxins cause cancer in the human body, experts said. The peanuts were imported from Gambia in 2006 and were stored in the warehouse of the Varna Company BulPack. After a check, officials found out the whole 30 tons of the poisonous nuts were missing.The company that owns the warehouse denied knowing anything whatsoever. The case was sent to the local Prosecutor's Office and police are investigating the case.


Sophia said...

I see - provocative titles to provoke insightful CERES alumni response!

OK, the first and obvious question is: why weren't these peanuts checked before getting to Bulgaria?

But let us remember 1998 (or '99) when a huge import of kangaroo meat was imported and sold as 'beef' - and EATEN by the population! In contrast, these peanuts have peacefully been kept in a warehouse, which answers your question, ERIN!, on how Bulgaria got into EU - there is visible progress in new, European Bulgaria...

Now, the second question: where are the peanuts?
a. Gambia
b. floating in the sea
c. on the markets
d. given out for free in the local Kamenar burger joint

When someone answers this question (and d. can be safely eliminated) I will accept legitimate doubts on Bulgaria's membership in EU ...!!!

Ern said...

Hahahahaha, I think that's the most Sophia has said all at once to me in months...