Feb 14, 2007

Bulgarian Crazieness Part 3

Soft porn for bus passengers? (JenB) From Ananova:

Bus passengers in Sofia are being shown soft porn films on giant videoscreens at night. During the day the plasma screens in the Bulgarian capital show bus times,but the night shift now has the porn films on view. A spokesman for the station management said: "We wanted to give thepassengers something to take their minds off the cold and to pass the time while waiting for a bus, and there are unlikely to be children around that time of night."The move however has angered many, including mothers with young children, who say the movies are a disgrace. They also claim the security guards have stopped patrolling for trouble-makers, and spend their time watching the giant screens instead.

(Eternal Remont has consulted our in-house Bulgarian expets, who question how plasma screens could exist in the central bus station. "Forget the porn. There's no way they could instal plasma screens in the bus station...the gypsies would steal them in five min. flat.")

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