Feb 9, 2007

So the Russian government is officially Homer Simpson (Ern)

"Hey Russian NGOs, remember how we passed those laws making it almost impossible for you to do your work or even exist, now we need a favor." From RFE/RL:

FOREIGN MINISTER TELLS NGOS TO HELP IMPROVE RUSSIA'S IMAGE ABROAD. Foreign Minister Lavrov urged Russian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) at a Moscow gathering on February 7 to help improve Russia's image abroad and work to fight extremism and xenophobia, news agencies reported (see "RFE/RL Newsline," February 1 and 7, 2007). President Vladimir Putin and other top officials have said in recent months that Russia is the victim of an orchestrated campaign to tarnish its image abroad, particularly over some well-publicized killings of his critics and Russia's energy conflicts with some of its neighbors. PM

(I chuckle at this, as "extremism and xenophobia" are the code words for "Estonians, or anyone else who's grumpy we siezed their country by force." PBD)

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