Feb 22, 2007

Oh Sweet Lord

From the NYTimes: "U.S. Tries to Ease Concerns in Russia on Antimissile Plan"

"Angela E. Stent, director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies at Georgetown University, said the Bush administration had 'already been reassessing our policy toward Russia, as we have understood at least since January of 2006 or even before that there is a newly self-confident Russia, a Russia that is awash in petrodollars and a Russia that really feels it can say no and pursue its own interests.'

"Ms. Stent said the Bush administration was well aware that the Russian agenda on Syria, Hamas, Venezuela and a number of issues parted with Washington’s. But she said it was worth seeking cooperation, in particular on counterterrorism."

This from the beloved star who warmed our hearts with hits such as "Russia and Germany Reborn," and the soulful melodies of "From Embargo to Ostpolitik: The Political Economy of West German-Soviet Relations 1955-1980." God bless you Angela. (PBD, whoot to Jen for the Heads up!)

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