Feb 9, 2007

America: A Pirate Civilization?

Chalmers: This is from the transcript (last item) of the JRL #31... so this guy's talking about Topol Ms and things, and I'm feeling it, and then he comes out with the best thing ever - he tells me I'm basically a pirate. Yo, ho, buddy! Piraty 20-ogo veka!

"So, this is where the struggle between the US and Russia is underway. They want to make sure that Russia would not restore its national identity, its cultural and historic genotype and the like. Let me tell you that any civilization has itscode, its set of values. The code of our civilization -- no matter what you call it, Eurasian or Orthodox or Slavic -- is conscience.

"For Anglo-Saxons resting on Protestant ideology,the code is benefit. Conscience and benefit are incompatible.This is our main contradiction and then comes the fundamental law of geopolitics: endless confrontation of land and sea. Russia is the center of the continental civilization with its mentality, its traditions, while the US is the center of the merchant, sea, pirate civilization."

(Crap. If that's true, what the hell are we going to do with all of these Stepan Razin mouse pads, coffee mugs, posters, t-shirts and Stepan Razin Beer?)

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