Dec 6, 2006

Kyrgyz Man Brings Knife to Gun Fight, Meets Predictable End

Good news! American relations with Kyrgyzstan and Russia just get better and better. While the United States squeaked by our deal at Manas with Bishkek (only paying many, many times more in rent than what the US originally paid), we forgot to work out that tricky section in our negotiations on whether or not we can kill the local nationals.

This might have been the main misunderstanding when a U.S. serviceman shot a Kyrgyz worker several times, finally killing him with a fatal wound to the head. Manas HQ says the Kyrgyz had a knife. While you might think that several bullets does not equal a knife, what you don't know is that this Kyrgyz fellow is a champion knife-thrower, famous at festivals and tuy events throughout the Central Asian country.


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