Dec 18, 2006

If the chief judge says it...

...then it must be true. From RFE/RL (Ern)

"Olga Yegorova, who heads the Moscow City Court, told the weekly Itogi" of December 18 that 'there is no [judicial] corruption in Moscow, only judicial mistakes,' reported. She added that the last case of corruption she can recall was in 1997. Yegorova stressed that the city's judicial system monitors its own judges and removes dishonest ones, so that 'no single case has been identified of a judge involvedin bribe-taking' (see 'RFE/RL Newsline,' December 7 and 15, 2006). She added, however, that 'if a judge makes a mistake, that's not corruption.'" PM

Meanwhile, Freedom House's latest Nations in Transit survey reports that Russia's "Judicial Framework and Independence" and "Corruption" ratings have fallen to some of their worst levels since the end of the Soviet Union.

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