Aug 6, 2007

WWTD: What would Turkmenbashi do?

As in the fashion world, in Turkmenistan, you're either "EEn" or your "Out." From the looks of it, the Turkmenbashi's National Security Chief, Akmura Redzhepov, will not be debuting his new line at this year's Prêt à Porter show in Paris.

According to published reports, Le Petite Presidente Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov has sent Redzhepov up the river for 20 years on "unspecified crimes related to abuse of power." Not to worry though, Redzhepov will have some company in the clink. His son, Nurmurad, a colonel in the secret police, received a 13-year sentence.

If he lives, however, Redzhepov will get the last laugh. It seems that he is the only one alive who knows how to access the secret $3 billion Turkmenbashi retirement fund.

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