Aug 14, 2007

Russia's Railroad Bomb, Who's To Blame?

A lot of people smell somthing fishy in the "it was a terrorist bomb" explination for yesterday's train accident between Moscow and Peter.

Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- "Russia's top security official warned of a heightened terrorist threat ahead of elections after a homemade bomb derailed an express train, injuring dozens of people...'The terrorist threat in Russia has been used repeatedly' by the authorities to cement control, said Masha Lipman, an analyst with the Moscow Carnegie Center. 'This raises concern.'"
The last time Russia changed its head of state, the Kremlin orchistrated the affair under the manufactured threat of Chechen terrorist attacks. The Presidential election is in seven short months away. If OJ shows up to hunt for the "real terrorists" behind the accident, we'll konw the fix is in...


Jennifer said...

It was the Estonians. They planted the missile in Georgia too.

Captain Haddock said...

Patrushev for President!!!!