Aug 26, 2007

Dear East Euros, Take Anger Management Classes

There are other ways to settle disputes than by setting a penis on fire or stitching a vagina shut! Love, Ern. PS. OUCH! Fishing string?!

The Sofia Weekly: A Bulgarian man was fined BGN 1000 stitching his girlfriend's genitals with fishing string, Darik News reported on Monday. He was sentenced for the crime, which dates back to mid July, by the Razgrad Town Court. The 45-year-old Todor Marinov was also banned from approaching his victim and was restricted from visiting her working place, her home and the places she visits for social contacts. Marinov, from the village of Belovetz, stitched the genitals of the 43-year-old Albena Sokolova, with whom he has lived for 13 years. His horrible act was provoked by his overwhelming jealousy. The man has been previously sentenced to three years in prison for another crime and decided to prevent Albena from cheating on him with other men by simply stitching her.


Pirates&Diplomats said...

Poor Bulgaria. They always get the spotlight here...

Vika said...




(my apologies. The mental images produced by that news item caused a temporary loss of reason.)