Aug 8, 2007

Belarus pays its whole debt. So the question is... many women did the Belarusian government have to sell to raise $460 million?

RFE/RL: Russia's state-controlled gas monopoly, Gazprom, says Belarus has paid all of its $460 million debt for Russian gas deliveries in the 1st 1/2 of the year. Gazprom threatened to limit gas deliveries to Belarus earlier this month if the bill went unpaid. Belarus made a 1st $190-million payment on its debt for Russian natural gas on August 3. The dispute over the bill was watched closely by the West, as pipelines in Belarus are a key transit route for Russian oil and gas to Europe.

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Peter said...

You know, I really wonder who is worth more, a Bulgarian nurse ($11.2 million per) or a Belarussian sex slave.

We live in a sad, sad world.