Aug 9, 2007

Saakashvili is a Bad Ass

Two points have been overlooked in the instant analysis of the Georgian missile row. First, the Russians are taking their PR talkers from the South Ossetians. (South Ossetia's 'president' was the first to front the "Georgia planted it" story.) But hell, Russia got away with it in the spring, why not try again? This is the only kind of recycling Russia likes, but it shows a general lack of creativity.

Second, Saakashvili should get a high-five. Sure the “Saakashvili-sucks” crowd will be miffed, buy he’s played this just about as pitch perfect as you can: Grab your Versace sunglasses, roll up your tailored Burberry sleves, invite foreign ambassadors to accompany you to the impact site, then just look serious and in-charge. When its all over, go home, get a neck massage from the wife, and lodge a complaint with the U.N. in the morning.

This is how aspiring NATO members act. And The bastard looks good doing it.

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