Aug 20, 2007

The Conga: Not just for weddings anymore

The Sofia Weekly: Bulgarian Eco-Activists Do the Conga along Strandzha Border

Bulgarian environmental activists plan to encircle with their bodies Strandzha national park in protest against the lack of a plan for its further development. The Strandzha natural park, covering 5.400 hectares of land near the border with Turkey in southeastern Bulgaria, is home to historical landmarks and unique natural monuments. It hit the headlines in June this year after a court decision to revoke the statute of its parts as protected areas triggered a series of protests in Sofia streets. The chain will trace the park borders as outlined in the papers of the municipality of Tsarevo, starting from the seaside, going through the Tsarevo-Varvara road and along the forest areas. The initiative will repeat on a larger scale the one from the middle of July when environmental activists made a conga line 200 meters long marching through Sofia's pedestrian area.

Next thing you know, they'll be doing the chicken dance to raise awareness. Where will it end?!

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