Aug 27, 2007

Chaika Makes An Arrest

Russia's Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika held a press conference on the Politkovskaya arrests. It turns out, the Chechen mafia ordered Politkovskaya's death, and paid Interior Ministry officials to carry out the hit. Even if Chaika's theory sounds like a script idea for the next Borne Identity, he did not elaborat on exactly why the Chechen mafia was hell bent on "undermining the country's leadership and constitutional order" by killing Politkovskaya. Who knows, maybe the Chechen mafia was trying to plan the next Orange Revolution in Russia, and just got drunk on idealism.

--"Who do we have in the Chechen Mafia file?"
--"Lots to choose from, sir."
--"Oh, and don't forget to arrest [redacted]. That asshole's been parking in my spot."

I guess they are waiting to frame the Estonians for Litvenenko… (Thanks Jen & Vika!)

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