Jul 22, 2009

Russia to combat plagiarism?

According to the Moscow Times, there is draft legislation that would make it easier for news agencies to contest plagiarism in Russia. The draft law proposes that media outlets could be fined between $320 to $645 if caught using info without proper attribution. Did I mention this information was from the Moscow Times? ;) (emoticon compliments of Oleg Teterin)

Um...isn't plagiarism every Russian's God given right? Without "borrowing" from "Бедная Лиза" would there have even been a Golden Age of Russian Literature?

Anyway, the draft law has many holes in it. For example, which state body would dole out the fines has not been decided or suggested. And the draft law also does not make clear whether or not a plagiarist would be fined separately for each instance of plagiarism. So some kinks need to be worked out. Maybe they should consider reading other countries' plagiarism laws and borrow some ideas.


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