Jul 23, 2009

Good Cop, Bad Cop

All right, here's an interesting case, which is sure to get more and more complicated down the road. According to the Washington Post, a Russian police officer has been arrested for abuse of office. Already it doesn't make sense right? Since when have the Russians tried to combat corruption within the police force and can I get my money back from that sweaty, hairy, uniformed fellow who made me hand over all the money in my pockets at the Savyolovskaya Metro in Moscow?

Well here's the deal: Col. Alexander Astafyev, a senior anti-corruption investigator affiliated with a George Mason University research center in Vladivostok, had been working on an academic paper about "raiding," or the criminal takeover of businesses with the help of corrupt officials, police or judges, when he was detained last month for supposedly accepting bribes in the form of 3 air conditioners and a computer. His colleagues claim the charges are complete BS, and an honest cop has been arrested for exposing corruption.

1 comment:

Anton said...

I have been following this case for a few weeks now and as you say, it is absolutely bogus.
However, this article needs more exposure to catch the public eye, please do what is in your ability to
convey this message in other sources!