Jul 14, 2009

"Vodka is worse than NATO"

According to Время Новестей, a recent poll completed in Russia shows that people think vodka is a bigger problem facing Russia than NATO. In fact the ranking goes something like this:

Worst problem facing the country: the economic crisis.
Then: alcoholism, drug addiction, and the degradation of the population.
Then: aggression from countries in NATO and in the west, and finally, US aggression.

If NATO started a "free vodka to Russians" program in conjunction with its missile defense programs, it could be the scariest thing Russia's seen since Stalin (a historically accurate Stalin).


nimh said...

"Vodka is worse than NATO"

But what kind of vodka are they talking about? I mean, sure, you might have to shell out a bit more money for it, but there's definitely vodka that's better than NATO. Hell, for a couple more dollars you can get OSCE-grade vodka. If you know where to look, there's even vodka out there that's better than the EU.

Khatia said...

I liked "nadeemsia na vas" :)