Jul 2, 2009

Facebook Pokes Nigaz Dispute

You know a controversy has truely arrived, when it gets its own Facebook group. Now, people who feel that Gazprom's Nigaz joint-venture is offensive can network with each other.

"How more derogatory can it be for Our Own NNPC in NEW Joint Venture partnership with Russian GAZPROM to set up a NEW company for the JV and named it NIGAZ....this is derogatory -surely not Nigerian-like."
You can check it out, here.

Also, the BBC called up a "branding expert" to weigh in on the mess. "Such blunders are more common in government-run organisations, he said, "because they simply don't have the marketing experience to check these things out properly."

However, even Google is confused. When entering the name of Gazprom's new joint-venture into the popular search engine, it thinks you want to search for an entirely different word.

Gazprom might not be fluent in hip-hop, or have the "marketing experience" to launch a sucessful global brand, but clearly no-one at the company knows how to use a search engine either.

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