Jul 2, 2009

Ukrainian Village Now Wants to be Called "Michael Jackson"

It was bound to happen somewhere. I'm so proud it happened here.

"KIEV (AFP) - Residents of a Ukrainian village want to rename it after the late pop superstar Michael Jackson, a lawmaker who represents the village told AFP on Wednesday. 'They want to create a house-museum and collect his records there. This is a depressed region, all the factories are closed. They hope this will attract tourists,' he added."
No word yet if the Michael Jackson Museum in Michael Jackson, Ukraine will also include an memorial to his beloved Vicodin pills, but it should.


Mrta said...

I don't see this working. I preferred the bridge in Hungary named after Stephen Colbert, because it had an actual connection with the celebrity and a great background story. I fail to see the connection between MJ and Ukraine.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Love Mrta. The connection is love...and tourism.

Mrta said...

Oleg Kislitsyn, a deputy in the regional parliament, that is advocating the renaming said, "I am not a fan but I respect his work. He had an iron-clad will for victory." Mentality to be expeted from a leader of a town named after the October Revolution?

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

People have said a lot of things about MJ, but "iron-clad will for victory" is a first.

Ern said...

There are a few places in Ukraine that remind me of scenes from Thriller. Just saying.

elmer said...

Well, there's a small replica of the US White House in Ukraine, which houses an elementary schools, and the kids constantly pepper the US Prez for money to refurbish it.

MJ was a big deal in the sovok union - really, really big. He helped them tolerate the "workers' paradise."

MJ made it on the "approved list," somehow, along with Duke Ellington.

So when you'd walk down the street, people asked you about Dook Ellinggggtahn, and Maichil Jecksahn, and for your jeans, and for empty American cigarette packs.

Ah, love.

Erin said...

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