Jul 15, 2009

Natalia Estemirova Murdered

Human rights activist Natalia Estemirova has been murdered.
“She was the leading figure in continuing to document human rights abuses from the government in Chechnya...[Chechen] militias had much to fear from her,” says the BBC.
As with the death of Anna Politkovskaya, it is impossible to be witty at a moment like this. We can only to mourn her loss and take stock of Chechnya's fastest growing export: political violence.

After being abducted in Chechnya, Estemirova's body was found in neighboring Ingushetia. At the time of her death, she was investigating the government's sponsorship of Chechen militias.


Ern said...

Natasha worked at Memorial’s Human Rights Centre in Grozny since 2000. She received many awards for her human rights work, including the Anna Politkovskaya Award from RAW in WAR, an organization that supports women during armed conflicts, and the European Parliament’s Robert Schuman medal in 2005.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

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Lilian said...

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