Jul 31, 2009

Tajikistan Suffering from Horrible NIMBY

NIMBY, my friends, is a disease that originated in America. It stands for "Not in my back yard." Essentially, NIMBY sufferers can handle anything, as long as it doesn't end up in their back yard.

Well, our poor Central Asian friends, especially Tajikistan, have found Afghan and Pakistani conflicts spilling into their yards. NOT COOL, Afghanistan and Pakistan!

According to the Christian Science Monitor, a rise in violence in Tajikistan comes as Pakistan wraps up an assault on militants in the north and Western forces intensify a campaign against insurgents in Afghanistan ahead of an Aug. 20 election. The offensives may be pushing foreigners fighting in either country to flee the conflict and return home.

Hey jerks, when you flee a conflict, try not to bring the conflict with you, otherwise what the hell is the point of fleeing the conflict. You leave Tajikistan alone!


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