Jul 6, 2009

You Can't Hug Your Presidents with Nuclear Arms

Financial Times: "US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev on Monday signed a 'joint understanding' that aims to reduce their nuclear arsenals to their lowest levels since the peak of their arms race in the 1980s."

Awesome! The boys are getting along! Oh, the article continues...

"Mr Obama will on Tuesday have breakfast with Vladimir Putin, the prime minister, whom he irritated before his arrival with comments appearing to favour Mr Medvedev even though the White House knows that Mr Putin, Mr Medvedev’s political mentor, remains the more powerful of the two Russian leaders."

Oh Vlady, open your heart. And Obama, do NOT look into his eyes and do NOT see into his soul!


PetrusDran said...

Best Medvedev quote from today's press conference: "We agreed to make decisions in the future."

Awesome leadership guys. Way to really stick your necks out.

elmer said...

Obama, when you meet with Vlad Dracul, carry a cross, or at least some garlic. Or at least a stake.


And for God's sake, don't nick yourself shaving.

And don't stick your neck out.

Oh, yeah, and if Vlad tries to kiss you on your belly button, tell him you'd rather shoot some hoops instead.

See if Vlad's "got game."