Jul 13, 2009

Failed State Index Released!

I seriously love rankings! Foreign Policy recently released the 2009 Failed State Index. How'd are beloved nations do? Here we go. Remember the lower your number, the more in danger you are:

In the in danger category: Uzbekistan (31), Georgia (33), Tajikistan (37), Kyrgyzstan (42), Moldova (54), Azerbaijan (56), Turkmenistan (59), Bosnia (63), Belarus (66), Russia (71), and Serbia (78).

Borderline: Macedonia (100), [sorry, I overlooked Armenia on the interactive map before, Armenia (101)], Kazakhstan (105), Albania (109), Ukraine (110), Bulgaria (128), Romania (129), Croatia (131), Montenegro (134), Latvia (136), and Estonia (140).

And finally, congrats to our stable countries: Hungary (141), Poland (142), Slovakia (144), Lithuania (145), Czech Republic (152), and Slovenia (156).


nimh said...

Did they skip the Armenians?

Ern said...

No, my apologies, I overlooked Armenia while navigating the interactive map on the FP site. They are borderline at 101.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Had FP declined to list Armenia, we might have seen a new war break out.

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