Jul 31, 2009

Putin: Loves Animals, Probably Hates Skype

It’s that time of year again. No, it’s not time for another Russia-Georgia war (that’s next week), but time for Putin to visit some far corner of the Russian Federation and tag an animal with a tracking device.

The Prime Minister is an outdoorsman, you see. But he can’t be a true outdoorsman, unless he has regularly scheduled photo ops with animals.

This year's adventure took Putin to the Pacific island of Chkalov, where upon he slipped into a wetsuit a green raincoat (?) and got cozy with a beluga whale named "Dasha."

Putin: "It won't eat us, will it?"
Scientist: "It won't eat anyone, but it could spray you."
Putin: "Probably if it gets angry."

No word yet, if Putin's satellite transmitter will also allow the FSB to monitor Dasha’s underwater skype conversations. These days, everyone is abuzz about a draft proposal to ban skype users in Russia, since the FSB is having too hard of a time monitoring voice over internet and other new forms of communication.

"Without government restrictions, IP telephony causes certain concerns about security," said a pro-government lobby group.
And by “security,” they mean “democracy.”

(Bonus to anyone who can find a picture of Putin in the wetsuit. Ern would kill to put that one over her bed.)
(Edit: Major bonus to ER reader LIVLIVS MAXIMVS for the photo. Awesome job mate!)


Anonymous said...

Let's be fair. The Americans play this same game:


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Come on, Lou Dobbs?


Don't want to disappoint anybody, but Putin did not slip into a wetsuit (aqualung):

The Russian prime minister then approached a white whale named Dasha in order to attach a transmitter on to it.

Having attached the transmitter on to Dasha, [...] The whale was then released back into the sea.

Here are exclusive photos for Ern from the ceremony - scroll until very end :)

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

No. I had read in a number of sources that he actually put on a wetsuit.



Hey, you know, though Putin did not slip into a wetsuit, nevertheless I have found his interesting pictures for Ern to put over her bed :)

Here they are

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Someone give Putin a shirt.

Sophie said...

What namely you're saying is a terrible mistake.

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