Jul 6, 2009


So, according to the Christian Science Monitor, Kyrgyzstan has not felt the effects of the global economic crisis, because Kyrgyzstan really didn't have anything to lose. (OUCH!) They're not oil rich like some of their other Central Asian counterparts and I guess human trafficking from Uzbekistan doesn't count as an industry. Well, a solution has been proposed:

Presidential candidate Zhenishbek Nazaraliev, the founder and director of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Bishkek, has proposed that the solution to Kyrgyzstan's economic woes lies in the legalization of opium cultivation for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Opium production is a lucrative industry; global corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline depend on opium derivatives to manufacture cosmetics and medicines, including morphine. Nazaraliev says Kyrgyzstan would be foolish not to claim a piece of the pie.

Nazaraliev, if I was a Kyrgyz citizen and didn't fear Bakiyev, you'd have my vote sir!

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