Mar 23, 2009

"You tried and you failed...

...the lesson is: never try." - Homer Simpson

Apparently, aside from being a Socialist, Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany is also a follower of Homerian logic, because this week, he called it quits.

Gyurcsany gave his resignation, saying he had become an "obstacle" to the reforms needed to pull the nation out of its worst financial crisis since the end of communism nearly 20 years ago.

Gyurcsany made the unexpected announcement at his party's congress, saying he was keeping a pledge made in January 2008 to change leadership if the beleaguered party's popularity failed to recover. A politician who is true to his word? Could it be true?

Let's hope the next guy has all the answers.

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fxhawaii said...

This won't really have success, I feel like this.