Mar 17, 2009

A Political Pin-Up?

There is no use in ignoring it, so we’ll just get it out of the way. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the next generation of political discourse in Russia: “Putin’s Pin-Up Girl.”

Her name is Maria Sergeyeva. She has a blog; adores Putin; wants to be a government minister, and stuff; despises foreigners; loves to drink; and has strong opinions on the, um, non-traditional sexual relationship.

"I personally consider them my enemies," says Sergeyeva about critics of the state, "They cast doubt on things that are very important to me: the integrity of Russia and its sovereignty."

But what do her fans think? “Maria is a potent combination…she can sway crowds with her passion, her looks and her punchy style, but she also reaches out via her blogs and webcasts to places that normal politics fails to go,” according to a United Russia supporter interviewed by the Daily Mail.

So what’s not taboo in the nexus between sex, booze and enemies of the state? Deep insights like: “[Men] don’t understand what’s wrong in wanting to have sex with someone else … I’ve never seen someone who didn’t cheat on his partner for three years in a row. Maybe they exist?’” Sergeyeva writes.

[Edit: photo updated.]



Where can I find her blog? Just for reading purposes...

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