Mar 3, 2009

BBC: Seriously Now, Who's in Charge?

As the Kremlin prepares to celebrate the first annaversary of "Operation Successor," the BBC asks a rather impolite question: Is Medvedev really in charge?

According to a Kremlin Spokeswoman, the answer is obvious:

“The president is fully in charge of foreign affairs, the armed forces and many other areas. Over the past year [Medvedev] has fully carried out those duties.”

That's odd, since we seem to remember Putin (not Medvedev) calling the shots from a forward observation post during the Georgian War; Putin who spoke with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to discuss international relief efforts to help Chinese earthquake victims; Putin who traveled to Davos; Putin who negotiated with Tymoshenko during the international gas crisis; and Putin who took the call from German Chancellor Angela Merkel right before he re-authorized gas shipments to Europe.

Since left is right, up is down, Stalin was a "good manager," and the ruble is a strong international reserve currency, all evidence from the last year points to one undeniable fact: Medvedev is the absolutely the one “fully in charge of foreign affairs and the armed forces,” and Russia's rightful constitutional ruler.

Take that legal nihilism.

(If you haven't seen it, link to the Russian rap video "Vladimir Rules," highlighted in the BBC report, click 1) menu 2) video option at the bottom.)


Ern said...

you've been itching to use "legal nihilsm" for a while haven't you?

Michelle said...

I thought Ukraine was the land of perpetual remont! :) LOL! Like your blog. Easy to read.....sigh, sometimes explaining what is going on in this part of the world is difficult and ends up being a Tolstoyian text. It's nice to read a blog post that's short and to the point!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Glad you enjoy it, Michelle! =)

(And yes, Ern, you are correct.)

Anonymous said...

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