Mar 14, 2009

Because the Moscow River NEEDS an Orange Glow

This comes straight out of the "You gotta be f*&#ing kidding me" files...more specifically it comes from the New York Times.

So there's a global financial crisis. You may have heard about it. People in Haiti are starving. People in highly developed countries such as Britain have reverted to bartering ... BARTERING (see the New York Times if you don't believe me).

Meanwhile, in Russia, Yelena Baturina has applied for about $1.4 billion in government loan guarantees for her construction company, Inteko. Wife of Mayor Luzhkov and former factory worker, Ms. Baturina is Russia’s richest woman, with a personal fortune estimated at $4.2 billion. What does she want the money for?

Glad you asked. A year ago, Yelena Baturina unveiled her grandest plan yet called Project Orange -- an avant-garde Norman Foster complex shaped like slices of fruit, with a tinted facade that would cast an orange glow over the Moscow River.

I'm going to come out and say it, if she doesn't get the loan, losing Project Orange will not be the worst outcome of the global financial crisis.


Mrta said...

So is Orange now fashionable in Russia? I remember a time not too long ago where Orange was a distinctly anti-Russian color.

Ern said...

I guess since it's of the fruity building variety and not of the revolution variety, that it passes.