Mar 31, 2009

Space Race, Destination - MARS!

YahooNews: The European Space Agency and the US space agency NASA have separately sketched dates around three decades from now for a manned flight to Mars. The Russians are starting the path with psychological research (of course). So today, the hatch slammed shut behind six volunteers from Europe and Russia who will spend three months isolated in a 19,500 cubic feet capsule in Moscow to simulate conditions for a manned mission to Mars.

A Frenchman, a German, and four Russians (sounds like the start to a good joke) must now live in the facility until the experiment ends 105 days later, allowing scientists to assess the effects of long duration space flight on their minds and bodies. The six - all men (tee hee) - will be allowed to take personal effects like books, laptops and DVDs into the facility in Moscow but will otherwise be sealed away from the world. The supplies for the expedition have been worked out in advance and no additional goods will be allowed to enter the capsule once the experiment starts.

Good luck, cosmonauts!


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

First one there gets to use the toilet.

Ern said...

Those are the set rules of any space race.

dkuehn said...

Are you kidding? We totally beat them to the punch on that one:

Ern said...


But the race doesn't end until we get there.