Mar 19, 2009

President for Life?

Like feathered hair in the 1980s, and just about anything plad in the 1990s, having a President for Life is the new must-have fashion for any aspiring post-Communist energy state. BBC reports:
"Voters in Azerbaijan have overwhelmingly approved proposals to lift the two-term limit for presidents, the election commission has announced...[This includes] a series of other amendments, including new media restrictions that have been criticised by press freedom groups and local journalists, were also approved on Wednesday."
Now, I know ER has a lot of Azeri freinds. But as we've seen from Nazarbayev's recent statements, sometimes term limits can be a good thing.


Leopolis said...

Presidents for life make our jobs as area specialists a whole lot easier.

Can you imagine trying to figure out who the new Assistant Deputy Minister for Cotton Agriculture is every four years?

America has pesky elections every four years and our government is out to lunch (I'm looking at you Federal Energy Regulatory Commission):


Sorry for ignorance, who is ER?

Ern said...

ER is the abbreviation for Eternal Remont, friend.


Shame on me! I should have guessed!

Thanks for your post and for your voice!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Leopolis... smart ass. =)