Mar 13, 2009

Mr. Whiplash

Putin's public statements on Ukraine are giving everyone whiplash. Last week, he threatened to shut off Ukraine's gas if the country was one day late in making a payment. This week, he’s deeply concerned about helping Ukraine during these difficult times and won't force the country to pay fines for buying less gas than promised.

One colleague has noted that Putin was talking to a domestic, Russian audience. This could explain the tear in space time reality: "They (Ukraine) are on the verge of bankruptcy and as you well know you should not finish off your partners," Putin said.

...Like last week never happened. Good cop, bad cop starts to get really weird if it’s the same cop.


Anonymous said...

O Your Worship, Your Lordship ... we thank Thee for Thy most merciful benevolence...

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Yeah. I also like that Putin has taken to dressing like a Mafia accountant.