Mar 6, 2009

Clinton Meets Lavrov

Sec. Clinton resumed her magical mystery tour through the Mid-East and Europe with a town hall meeting at the European Parliament.

Whereas VP Biden had previously said America wants to “hit the reset button” with Russia (there’s a reset button?), Clinton informed her audience that she intends to make a "fresh start" during her working dinner with Foreign Minister Sergei ("who are you to $*#&^$% lecture me) Lavrov. “Our engagement with Russia in no way undermines our support for countries like Georgia or the Baltics or the Balkans or anywhere else in Europe,” she said.

Back in Washington, however, there seems to be some disagreement on this point. In fact, former Asst. Sec. State for Democracy & Human Rights David Kramer cautioned in the WashPost against trading away E. Europe and democracy promotion in exchange for help with Iran. "Any 'grand bargain' the United States makes with Russia would be viewed in Moscow as a sign of U.S. desperation."

So watch the desperation, Sec. Clinton. Don't giggle too much, and make sure you let Lavrov lean in for the first kiss.

Not that any of this matters much, since today’s number is: 274.

That’s the number of days left until the START treaty expires.

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