Mar 5, 2009

Lolz @ State

The US Department of State has requested that we all "Text the Secretary a question about her trip to the Middle East and Europe."

Inside U.S.: 90822
Outside U.S.: 202-255-6299

Done and done:

“Zomg, ur trip iz coolz. ROTFL @ Hamaz. Whats up with Russa? hahah Drinks l8r?”
So it's come to this. Public discourse over America's changing role in a multi-polar world, complex and highly nuanced issues of policy, the international response to a global crisis...all reduced to a text.

I've wasted my life.


Ern said...

I think what's most sad is that it's probably the job for a team of interns to rifle through the more ridiculous texts to find 1-5 reasonable questions that Hilary could address during a random press conference.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Wait, you mean that's *not* Hilary's blackberry number?