Dec 26, 2009

Sic Semper Tyrannis

And so we end the year of 70s and 20s – the anniversaries which marked the start of World War II and the end of communism.

Yesterday, we were busy opening presents and toasting the death of Nicolae Ceauşescu – broadcast live on Romanian and Bulgarian television, Christmas day, 1989. In commemoration of the very first realityTV show, here’s an amazing interview with the man who shot Ceauşescu.

"I fired 29 cartridges and three rounds. The first one hit Nicolae in the knees."


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PetrusDran said...

ROTFL. The above poster is an ED spammer.

The Great Caesar pardons you.

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PetrusDran said...

Oh, and before you ask, ED = Erectile Dysfunction.


Here is another account published recently by London Times