Dec 3, 2009

Putin TV

While Russia's actual President was in Rome on a state visit, the country's next president reprised his ever popular national call-in show. Indeed, Putin's pre-scripted questions were some of the best ever.

Q: "Will you run for president in the next election?"
A: "I will think about it, there is still enough time."
Curiously, the English language translation was far more direct, reading: "Are you the only person in the country who doesn't know this? I have no time for fools. Next question."

Putin was also unconcerned with the apparent gap between his government's "victory in Chechnya" declaration last April, and the worst terrorist attack in years over the weekend. Perversely, the train bombing will probably aid Putin's political ambitions, since the country will now require a return to strong leadership.

Fancy that.

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Ern said...

If only Putin was just a reality TV star and not the leader of an important though soon-to-be failed state, I'd then say, "I want my PTV." But alas, he not that, but this.