Dec 16, 2009

$50 Million

That's what it costs to recognize Abkhazia.

According to the New York Times, yesterday, Nauru, a tiny, destitute Pacific island nation, became the fourth country to establish formal relations with Abkhazia. In return, Nauru has asked Russia for $50 million for “urgent social and economic projects.” Meanwhile the Russian population gets its daily caloric intake from vodka. Money well spent.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

A major foreign policy accomplishment.

Someone will receive the Order of Lenin for this.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing it seems about the situation at hand. Even Israel and Taiwan are not recognized by the entire world, yet I don't see the level of contempt that you display to Abkhazia targeted towards them. Please seek alternative and more credible sources of information if you choose to trash my country, Abkhazia. By the way, we are free whether your Georgian friends or their buddies like it or not!