Dec 22, 2009

"Impudent, Arrogant Bastards"

Everyone’s favorite bodyguard, turned firefighter, turned professional wrestler, turned Bulgarian prime minister, Boyko Borisov, was on the radio over the weekend. The quote machine was in fine form.

Borisov on youth crimes:
“When ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ came out, everybody was learning how to rob banks.”
Sorry to split hairs here, but Ocean’s Eleven only taught us how to 1) rob a casino; 2) wear a tuxedo properly; and 3) win back the heart of Julia Roberts. A few good tips on robbing a bank would have been useful, however.

Borisov on kidnappers:
“These criminals are impudent, arrogant bastards who cut off people’s fingers.”
Amen, Brother Boyko.

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