Dec 4, 2009

Bulgaria's Andy Kaufman?

Time to meet Rosen Markov. He's head of the Party of Bulgarian Men, maybe the greatest performance artist since Andy Kaufman and a total faiulre at public suicide.

You see, Markov is deeply upset about Turkish-language broadcasts on Bulgarian television. He’s so upset, that Markov publically attempted seppuku in front of the Parliament building yesterday.

That’s right, ritual suicide by disembowelment on account of television. Oddly, Markov somehow managed to miss his stomach -- a miracle given the expance of real estate above his belt -- and police stepped in to stop the insanity before Markov could complete the act.

However, this isn’t his first attempt. Last month, police saved Markov from public self-emollition. That stunt wasn't nearly as cool as an old Rage Against the Machine album might lead you to belive. (Photos here, if you’re interested.) But it did get our attention.

Mission accomplished Markov. But is Turkish-language programming really that bad?


Canada said...

You shouldn't publish stories of suicide. It encourages copycats. Don't say I didn't warn you when people in the West read this and start committing seppuku outside Fox News Headquarters.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

ROTFL. Good point.