Dec 7, 2009

Russian Press: US in Civil War "Before End of Winter"

This is classic agit-prop.

"Russian Military Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin that US President Barack Obama has issued orders to his Northern Command’s (USNORTHCOM) top leader, US Air Force General Gene Renuart, to 'begin immediately' increasing his military forces to 1 million troops by January 30, 2010, in what these reports warn is an expected outbreak of civil war within the United States before the end of winter (Link to story and Russia Today interview)."
The pending civil war (or some other biblical cataclysm) even prompted a question to Putin during his call-in show: "Will Russia help the United States after its collapse?" Putin didn’t answer the question.

Now forget for a moment that such stories are intended for domestic Russian consumption. If America really was on the verge of civil war, we're going to rally behind whatever side Oprah supports.

Thou shall not upset Oprah.

(High five, Leopolis.)

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