Oct 23, 2008

West Pledges $4.5 Billion To Georgia

NY Times: Western donors in Belgium promised on Wednesday to spend about $4.5 billion to rebuild Georgia, whose economy and infrastructure were badly damaged by this summer’s war with Russia. The sum was more than $1 billion more than the World Bank’s target, and came as a financial crisis rattled the economies of donor nations. The United States pledged the largest amount, $1 billion over three years. An additional $642.8 million will be allocated by the European Commission over the next two years.

José Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, said the pledge should send “a strong signal to the world” that its members stand with Georgia.

Personally, Mr. Barroso, it also seems to be a strong signal that if you want money from the West you should make bad decisions. So Ukraine, instead of all the political in-fighting, why don't you start something in the Crimea maybe? And yes, I am still bitter about the Georgian conflict.

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