Oct 27, 2008

Polar Bears Dying out in Russian Region of Arctic

I thought that Russia claimed the whole arctic a while back...

Yahoo News: Polar bears are dying out in the remote Arctic region of Chukotka because of melting ice and increased killing by humans, an expert with the International Fund for Animal Welfare warned on Friday. Polar bear furs are also becoming increasingly popular in Russia, where the killing of polar bears is strictly forbidden except for self-defence. IFAW estimates around 100 polar bears are killed illegally in Russia every year.

There are a total of around 22,000 polar bears in the Arctic. Five thousand of them live between Chukotka and the US state of Alaska and are being forced further and further north because of the melting ice, IFAW said.

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Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Where did that bear find a blueberry popsicle?

They can't be that hard up if they're getting into the sweets.