Oct 8, 2008

Joint Defense for Russia and Belarus

I'm back and ready to rumble.

Kommersant.com: Russia and Belarus will sign an agreement creating a joint missile defense system, secretary of the Union State Pavel Borodin told journalists today at a session of the collegium of the Defense Ministries of Russia and Belarus. The signing will take place on November 2 at a session of the Supreme State Council of the Union State in Moscow, Borodin said. “In military terms, it is practically defense against NATO,” he said.

Borodin added that the expansion of military cooperation between Russia and Belarus will make it possible to create a large number of new jobs in the defense complexes of both countries.

Wow, I got a few questions/comments on this one.
1. Um...what?
2. Is there really anything in Belarus worth bombing? Honestly. And it's fine if there is. But based on my somewhat limited knowledge of Belarus, I think maybe joining with Russia could possibly INCREASE its chances of being bombed.
3. Really, Russia? Really? You picked Belarus? And more importantly, you think it was a good idea to make any deal with the president of Belarus? Really? You're as bad as the US trusting the Georgian President. Yeah, I just said that.

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