Oct 9, 2008

S Dnyom Rozhdenya, Putin! (Happy Birthday, Putin!)

Yes, it seems Vladimir Putin - Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - celebrated his 56th birthday. Foreign Policy writes:

To mark the occasion, Russia's strapping prime minister released an instructional video -- Let's Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin -- on the Japanese art of judo. The video features Putin doing what he likes to do most: kickin' ass. In this latest display of manly vigor, the tiger-whisperer not only shows off his moves but delves in to the martial art's history.



Lakis Velotris said...

330 BC Great Alexander fences first Russians, Magog of Persian
Gog, with Caspain Gate of Caucasian Dervent. Scyths, Turks, and
Russians are mindless barbarian extracts of Persian steambathing
deerherders, and in sum constitute the eternal threat not only to
Hellenism but all civilisation.

866 Patriarch Fotios commences schism on Rome Pope Nicholas on
cause of Bulgarian frivolities favoring Rome. This instigated
orientalist Platonic Chrysostomist black clergy overcoming
Aristotelian Capadocian whites after collapse of iconoclasm.

1235 Bulgarians declare Trnvo Third Rome, seeking
Greece and Constantinople. This adopted by Russians in in 1589,
declaring protocommunist obschina to slavify world The urban
mentality is the root of Hellenistic Civilisation, thus those seeking
peasant clan naturalism are slavseeded.

1342 Communist Zealotes take Salonica, slaughtering aristocracy on
orders of Russian agent Gregory Palamas. Palamas brings Slavs and
Turks to support 1345 Cantacuzene usurpation, giving Turks
knowledge of defenses. Spread
oriental demonic hyperventilatory hallucination hesychasm, turning
monks into soviet agents. Socialism imposed, destroyed Byzantium from

1824 Russia opposes to the creation of unique Greek state and under
orders of Minister of Exterior Nesserode (German victor for seat
against Kapodistrias) proposes to remaining powers the foundation of
three separated Greek statelets, vassal tributary simultaneously
to Turkey and Russia, as with Moldovlahia.

1843 On command of Nesselrode is dispatched the panslav
Archimandrite Uspensky to turn Arab-held Grecophone Christian
flocks of Jerusalem and Antioch patriarchs and finally achieves in
1847 the detachment of Antioch who now proclaims
dehellenising dissemination. Turning to Persozoroastrian roots,
Russians embrace monofysites as misunderstood victims of Greeks, and
fabricate supposed Aramaic Gospels over Greek. These efforts
consummated century later with Michael Aflaq, founder of Saddam Assad

1870 Panslavs assault Ecumenical Patriarchate with publication of
Turkish firman founding autocephalous Bulgarian racial
parasynagogues, supposed Exarchate, under orders of Russian
ambassador Ignatief. Now they distort the synodical anathema at racism
against dispora. They allocated five myriad rubles in 1872 to
slavify Holy Mountain and expel Greeks.

1878 Ignatief forces Turkey sign St. Stephen Treaty commencing
FYROM and creating Greater Bulgaria inclusive of Salonica. KIgnatief
announces "And now if Greeks wish Constantinople, let them arrive

1923 Plastiras slaughters victors of Macedonia, allowing
orientalists Vafiades and Zahariades commence civil war. Meletios
Metaxakis seeks move Patriarchate to Moscow at Lenin
invitation and organises supposed panOrthodox Youth
Syndesmos. In 1937 Stalin displaces 285 thousand Russian Greeks to
Archangel and Siberia and slaughters them. The black goats force
even Mataxas and Junta into Socialism.

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.