Oct 31, 2008

Problem Solved: Russia's Demographic Crisis

Apparently the soultion is to cut power to the entire country and just let the magic happen. That's what we've learned from the Dutch.

(CNN) -- "A small cluster of villages in eastern Netherlands has found itself in the midst of a mini-baby boom -- nine months after a power outage plunged its residents in darkness for two chilly days. 'It was cold in the houses,' said Anneleas van Eijkeren, spokeswoman for the municipality of Maasdriel. 'They went to bed early to keep warm. And nine months later, we have this -- a little bit more babies.' Forty-four percent more, to be exact."

Given the frosty temperatures over most of the country in winter, we can probably expect most Russians to -- shall we say -- over-fulfill the baby-making plan.

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