Oct 28, 2008

Azerbaijan's New Monument to Dutch Disease

Even as oil traders push prices lower, Azerbaijan's current account surplus is expected to remain quite healthy, posting gains of $16 billion - $19 billion, or 30% of GDP next year. So how do you spend that kind of money? Why, build the the world's highest flagpole, of course.

While some might dismiss the planned 162m structure as a useless piece of oil state jingoism, there is more at stake than meets the eye: dissing Turkmenistan and Jordan.

According to today.az, Azerbaijan's flagpole will "outrival" the current record-holder. The government is even building a special venue for the pole: National Flag Square near the Baku Bayil naval base. No word yet on Baku's plans to fly the world's smallest flag from the world's tallest flagpole.

Now that feat would truly be impressive.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of "flagpoles" where is our region's monument to the "Spanish disease?"