Apr 22, 2008

Some Things Are Also Illegal in Russia

The next time you are disrobed and probed at the airport, remember this man: Pastor Phillip Miles of South Carolina.

Yesterday, a Moscow court sentenced Pastor Phillip to three years in a friendly Russian prison for attempting to board an aircraft with 20 cartridges of .300 rifle ammunition in his carry-on luggage. The best part is that our good old TSA screeners didn’t catch on to this minor detail when Pastor Phillip sent his bag through the x-ray machine for his outbound flight from the States.

Unfortunately for Pastor Phillip, you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to pull the same stunt with the Kontrol agents in Perm, Siberia. They immediately arrested him. Amazingly, it’s also illegal to have ammo in your carry-on when flying on a Russian airliner.


Pastor Phillip admits the ammo was his, but claims he was bringing the bullets for a friend. You see, he didn’t know you couldn’t do that kind of thing in Russia.

It took Eternal Remont a whopping 20 seconds and an internet connection to determine you can't do it in the US either. Then again, the crack team of $10.50/hour TSA screeners are more worried about ferreting out nefarious safety lighters than looking for Pastor Phillip's bullets.

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