Apr 2, 2008

Lavrov is Concerned

Last week Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was “convinced.” Now he’s “concerned.” Yes, life in the Russian Foreign Ministry is just one long roller-coaster of diplomatic emotions.

The latest issue is Kosovo. Lavrov noted, "I am concerned that the developing situation in Kosovo is not over...The minorities in Kosovo have the right to express their will and the right to decide whom to live with.” Thus the divergence continues, whereby the Kremlin stands as a champion of self-determination for disenfranchised minorities outside of Russia's borders, and its mortal enemy inside.

But it was all smiles when president Bush landed for the next stop on his Magical Mystery Tour of the Wild East. Speaking in Russia, he noted the "unprecedented level" of cooperation between Russia and NATO on missile defense. "The Cold War is over," he said, "Russia is not our enemy" but, "I've got some convincing to do."

The president will have his chance to do some convincing when he and “Vlad” gaze once more into each other's eyes. The crisp mountain air will make it easy to forget that Putin called him a Nazi less than one year ago.

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